Boycott Valentine’s Day

February 14th, every man, woman, and child knows the meaning of this date; shower your significant other with candy, flowers, food, etc.  Pretty much do anything to have them feel appreciated, which they absolutely should!  Guys usually seem to get upset with Valentine’s Day.  Some even throw fits, “Why do guys have to find a restaurant, buy flowers, be as romantic as humanly possible to women on one day?”  The answer, to appreciate the woman you have in your life.  Let her know that you care, and for one lousy day, show her that you will bend over backward to make it as magical as possible.

However, women SHOULD NOT get upset if their man does not do anything special for you on this day.  Some men just do not believe in participating in a “hallmark holiday.”  Others, well they may have just forgotten.  Whatever the reason may be, do not be upset with him.  It’s not like he gets upset and calls you names on March 14th when you forget about the male version of Valentine’s Day- Steak & Blow Job Day.

For those that have may never heard of Steak and BJ day, it is quite simple really.  On March 14th, you surprise your lucky guy with a nice piece of steak and some great oral sex!  It’s not as expensive as Valentine’s Day is for us men, but we feel just as appreciated!

For all the women that will complain about March 14th being a “made-up” holiday, c’mon.  I mean was it set in stone that February the 14th shall be a day that couples will show affection by exchanging gifts? HELL NO!  It’s a hallmark holiday, and the ONLY reason March 14th isn’t as well known is because it’s not as well advertised.  But I am spreading the word, to all men, BOYCOTT Valentine’s Day until we receive our day as well!

I have attached a video you can use to help spread the word, so that Steak & BJ day become just as popular as Valentine’s Day!

You want a romantic date? I want my blow job and steak! (my attempt of a rhyme)


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Hey guys. Im the REAL Dan Kaminski. Im a pretty cool guy. Like to have fun and enjoy life. I am currently attending DePaul University and should be finishing up and starting my official adulthood soon. I love sports (even though most Chicago teams end up breaking your heart) and enjoy any type of music as long as it shows some type of artistic ability. I enjoy the simple things in life, and am truly blessed to be where I am today View all posts by danielhkaminski

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