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RIP Chivalry…



Has Chivalry died, or are we as a society just forgetting our manners?  I was walking to school today and not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions I held a door open for a person.  All three of those people just so happened to be women.  Yet, not one of them said “thank you.”  It made me think, is this because women are not use to having doors held for them anymore, or is it because society as a whole lost their manners?



Many comedians have poked fun at the situation claiming that women are to blame for chivalry being dead.  In some ways I could understand why they would think that.  For example, women demanded to earn equal pay (no arguments here), yet SOME women pretend not to see the bill when it is presented after the meal.  I enjoy going out to eat from time to time, but why should a man have to pay ALL the time?

Another reason why chivalry can be declared dead because of women is the fact that women pride themselves on being independent.  Yet they still want to be taken care of.  For example, a famous pop star Beyonce has been known to urge women to be independent.  In fact, she even made a song in 2008 for women called, “Independent Woman”  Now, backtrack to 1999 the same artist made a song called, “Bills Bills Bills”  That song was implying that she wants a man who can afford her bills.  That does not sound very independent to me.  Women are confused by what they want.

Here is another perspective on chivalry, and this is from a woman!

Here are just 5 simple things (not in any particular order) a man should ALWAYS do for a woman, regardless if she is independent or not:

1) Allow the woman to walk out of an elevator first.

-I noticed that everyone is in such a rush now-a-days that they will literally push you out of their way if you do not get out of their way!

2) If you don’t walk the woman to her door after a date, at least wait till she enters the house.

– Make sure she gets in safe, it will take 2 minutes and will make her feel a little more safe.

3) Help a woman carry any heavy object.

– Although women can do anything men can do, a man’s physical capability will usually be greater than a woman’s.

4) Hold the door for her.

– Even if you don’t get a “thank you” out of it

5) Hear a thump in the middle of the night? Get your butt out of bed and check it out!

– A man’s job is to protect his family


Try to work on just those five tasks and slowly bring chivalry back from the dead!