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Are Men More Shallow Than Women?

How are some men blessed to have such a beautiful woman by their side? We can all think of a couple that has made you think, “Why the hell is she with such an ugly dork?” Some are obviously just gold diggers that settle with a less attractive man for financial reasoning.  That is stating the obvious, and I’m not talking about gold diggers.

I’m talking about the type of girl that could be a model and get any guy she wants. However, for some reason she has settled with an out-of-shape, balding, no sense of humor male companion. For example, most men and women would agree that Jennifer Lopez is a gorgeous woman. When I heard that Marc Anthony and “J.Lo” were a couple I thought to myself, “Damn-it, I had a chance!”

Jennifer Lopez is already a successful singer/actress, so it doesn’t make sense to say that she was in a relationship with someone for money.  There are other examples in Hollywood where very attractive women date a much less attractive men.  So could it be that women are just less shallow than most men?
We all have different values and preferences that attract us to the opposite sex.  Some value looks and appearances, others may value personality and charisma, but what determines the level of importance you set for those characteristics?

A woman wouldn’t date someone uglier than her  just so she gets noticed more, would she?  I mean, how is it possible that beautiful women lack self confidence in their appearance?  If you think about it, this situation does seem to make sense.  What better way to notice a diamond than by pairing it up with a piece of coal. So in this scenario, would that make the woman shallower?

I have attached a link to a video that discusses this same exact topic. The video has a “relationship expert” (how one can be known as an expert in relationships I have no idea) and a high profile match-maker. Both discuss some ideas as to why women prefer to have less attractive spouses.

The topic is up for debate! How do you feel about this particular topic? What reasons do you have as to why some women prefer to date less attractive men?