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Excuses, Excuses…

We have all heard it before, and some of us have used it before.  The “I was drunk” excuse.  WORST excuse in the world!  People going out and having a few drinks, nothing wrong with that.  However, if by drinking large amounts of alcohol effects your judgement significantly, there is a simple solution, don’t drink!

A friend of mine was fairly intoxicated over the weekend, and he started confessing some things to his then girlfriend that should not have been shared.  Everyone around the two thought it was very funny, the girlfriend however, did not find his confession to be funny and decided to break-up with him.  The very next day, my friend wakes up, hungover of course, and claims he does not remember anything from last night.  Blamed the whole story on alcohol- which is true for the most part.  I highly doubt that if he was not drunk that night, he wouldn’t have confessed to any of the things he said.   As far as that being an excuse….not so much.

Here is a great blog about killing the Drunk excuse.

Alcohol impairs a persons judgment (those who drink can attest to that), but those that constantly end up apologizing and blaming it on the alcohol should probably just stop drinking.  It is only a matter of time before sorry becomes just another word.  Highly overused and not really meant as asking for forgiveness, but just ending the topic of discussion.

When is comes to apologizing in general, society is NEVER at fault.  There is typically a second party involved in which they had no control over.

Is there a solution?  Unfortunately the only solution is a promise.  A promise to yourself that you will take responsibility for YOUR actions.  Michael Jackson had the right idea, “it all starts with the man in the mirror”.