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To Sext, or Not To Sext….

Technology can help us in ways we could not even fathom before.  The quicker technology is getting, the more impatient, us as individuals seem to get.  Technology sure has made our lives easier.  You need an answer?  POW, Google it!  Need to learn how to tie a bow tie?  BOOM, Youtube and learn!  Want me to take off my pants and send you a picture of my di…whoa, whoa, whoa!  What?

That’s right folks, I’m talking about good old fashioned sexting.  For those that may not know what sexting is, let’s have Wikipedia explain it for you (like how I used technology to help solve a problem)   According to Wikipedia, sexting is “the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.”  So basically, you are talking dirty via text messages.  I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me going like a hot and sexy text message! (Sarcasm)

You want to hear the weird part about sexting?  It’s typically done with people you really don’t know.  How cool is that!? (Sarcasm again)  How anyone can trust someone they just met, or anyone for that matter, with a sexual picture is beyond me.  But I guess telling you how stupid this fad is will only make you want to participate more.

So here is my solution; teach people how to sext properly.

1) Understand the risks

– your naked pics can end up online (it worked for Kim Kardashian maybe you’ll get famous too)

2) Don’t have premature sext

–  You never know how the person will respond to the initial sext, so be careful!

3) Know the recipient

– A person you just met at the bar is probably not the best choice to send naked photos of yourself

4) Don’t drink and sext

– Self explanatory

5) Be subtle at first

– You don’t want to come out too aggressive, it may scare the recipient away.  Start off slow, you can always get more graphic later on

There you have it, a sext recipe.  I still think it is a dumb idea, but if you’re going to sext, please, sext responsibly.